Bedtime stories

I was going through a really bad patch a while back, when I found it difficult to concentrate for any length of time. Reading was impossible – I kept re-reading the first chapter of any book I picked up. Watching television – unless it was a short programme – was also difficult.

One day my husband returned from a business trip with a gift for me. An iPod. At first I thought I would only be using it to listen to music. But then I discovered podcasts, and found that although reading was difficult, listening was possible. And generally podcasts were an hour long or shorter, so I managed to finish listening, before I forgot what happened at the beginning!

My current favourite “bedtime stories” include:

  • All in the Mind – an Australian radio programme dealing with psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience topics.
  • BBC’s The Interview – interesting interviews with a range of inspirational or newsworthy people.
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – a wonderful story teller who makes history come to life.
  • Film Weekly – from – a more British/European take on the film world. “Refreshing” in its honesty!
  • Naked Science/Naked Archaeology – mad scientists from Cambridge trying to make Science interesting and fun. For everyone – kids and adults.
  • WNYC’s RadioLab – The “This American Life” (see below) of the science podcast world.
  • Scientific American: Science Talk – stories from the magazine.
  • Science Weekly – from the – a slightly more serious science programme. For adults.
  • The Moth – as the intro goes: true stories told live without notes.
  • This American Life – a fascinating take on American life through the eyes and stories of ordinary people. The programme is never what you think it’s going to be from the title. It’s always better.

Besides the interesting topics, all these podcasts have very engaging presenters who really know their stuff.

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