I was at the Vets again the other day with our dog. Whereas our previous cat and dog lived to a ripe old age with very few medical problems along the way, the current pair is constantly sick or injured. The dog has a re-occurring ear infection – which then causes other problems. The cat is allergic to most proteins (which isn’t a fun thing as cats need high protein diets), and has Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (yes, animals get this too). The cat is also very accident prone (fell off the roof once), and gets into a lot of cat fights. She’s a delicate little thing, but she won’t back down when there’s an intruder in her yard, no matter how big the intruder is.  So she often loses the battle.

Anyway, here I was. At the Vets. Again. Thinking that the Vets (there are four in the practice, and they all know our animals well) must by now by wondering about Münchausen syndrome by proxy. I like our Vets, but not that much that I want to manufacture a reason for going there.  But I still imagine that they are giving me a knowing look when they see it’s us again.

So we’re sitting waiting to be called into the consulting room, and I pick up a brochure for pet medical insurance. I was thinking that maybe in our situation that may not be a such bad idea.  But then I start reading. It is exactly like human medical insurance. Down to the fine print. They have different medical aid plans. They need a medical history printout from your Vet. They want to know about pre-existing conditions.  There are the inevitable exclusions.  And there is a co-pay per visit.  And there’s the very fine print which basically absolves them from responsibility in a couple of very likely (in our case) scenarios.

Looking at the costs involved, I’d say we would be better off investing the money elsewhere.



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