Withdrawal Symptoms

Unless you have kept away from all media in the recent months, you’ll be aware that South Africa recently hosted the FIFA Soccer World Cup.

After concerns from both South Africans and non-South Africans, that South Africa would never be ready in time to host such a big tournament, and that the well-known high level of violence here would mar the competition, things came together beautifully.

Just prior to the start of the World Cup, President Zuma in a televised interview/address had asked all South Africans to “behave themselves” for a month, and to welcome our international guests.  And we did.

With the influx of foreign fans, South Africans got into the spirit too. Schools and universities shut down for the World Cup period – normally this is just a short winter break for us – and things slowed down in a lot of work places. Even our dog took up “soccer” – she likes being the goalie.

It felt like the summer holidays. There was a palpable buzz – especially in the cities and towns hosting an international team. And we didn’t let a little thing like our team going out in the first round get us down. Most South Africans just donned other team colours, supporting first other African teams, and finally European/South American teams.

Just before the end of the tournament, an article appeared in one of the newspapers in which psychologists warned of “a psychological hangover” as we went from “an eventful period back to our normal activities”. That even if it couldn’t be called a state of depression, we would experience a sense of loss.

One psychologist however wasn’t as gloomy, saying he thought that the nation would soon recover, as human beings were “naturally very adaptable”. He went on to say that we would soon be doing everyday things like experiencing road rage, public servants would go on strike etc. Wow, he does look on the bright side doesn’t he?!

I have to say that even though I’m not a big sports fan, these last couple of weeks have been an anticlimax.


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