Gossip Girl meets Grey’s Anatomy

Recently a friend’s mother was in hospital having open-heart surgery. While her mother was there, my friend would literally spend whole days in the hospital – sitting with her mother while she slept, helping her take the required exercise walks around the ward, trying to get her to eat her dinner (and not just the pudding!). The mother-daughter roles had definitely been reversed.

My friend’s plan was that she was going to take her computer to the hospital, so that she could catch up on some work while there. What actually happened is that she got so engrossed in the hospital drama which unfolded each day, that she got a little side-tracked. I thought that all those television hospital dramas, were just that.  But it looks like they’re not entirely fictional. Either that or the patients have been watching too many hospital dramas on television, and think that’s how they’re supposed to behave!

My friend would call/email/text me (depending on the level of drama going on) with stories about the “slightly odd” people  sharing in her mother’s ward. She went from this person who doesn’t usually show any interest in gossip, to enjoying the antics of “Crazy Lady” and the others. To the point where I was beginning to worry about her sanity . . .

But I guess that was her way of coping with what was going on in her own life, the stress of supporting her mother through major surgery, and the complications that followed. Luckily (for all concerned) her mother is now out of hospital, and she has gone back to normal again. No more Gossip Girl . . . but the drama no doubt continues!



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