Letting it go

Oak dining table (Photo: LB/notesfromafrica)

Sometimes you just have to let it go. By “it” I mean your expectations of yourself, or what you think are other people’s expectations of you.

My husband is an admirer of finely crafted wooden furniture. Having picked up some furniture making skills from his father, he decided that he would over the years make furniture for our house. When he started this project he was less busy career-wise, and we lived in a small town where there was not much entertainment.  While we lived there he made some beautiful pieces of furniture.

Since then his career had become very time-consuming, and what little free time he had, he wanted to spent on outdoor activities. We had also moved to a different town and a new house where there was no space to set up a proper workshop. And with the neighbour’s house close to our garage, the furniture making project in the new location never really got going.

For a couple of years, a small stack of oak planks was kept in our garage. This was to be our dining table.  It wasn’t that we kept tripping over them, but they served as a reminder whenever we went through the garage. Although we had had other pieces of furniture made for us, my husband clung to the idea that he had to make the table. A pressure he put on himself. He got around to making the table legs of, but never got further than that.

A couple of weeks ago, he finally decided to let it go, and ask a local furniture maker to make the table according to his original design. This week our new dining table arrived.  And it’s beautiful.


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I live on the Southern coast of South Africa, and write about the things that interest, amuse or inspire me. You can find me at https://notesfromafrica.wordpress.com and http://southerncape.wordpress.com (my photoblog)


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