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Sunshine in London gave me the task of answering some questions about myself. I thought it would take me a while to get around to doing it, but I actually found it was fun to do. Sunshine, I hope you find my answers interesting!

1. If you could have any superpower, which one would you have and why?

The ability to fly. Not in the Superman kind of way, but like an eagle.

One of my favourite photographers is Robert B. Haas who concentrates on aerial photography. When I first saw his stuff I was blown away because that is what I saw in my dreams – where I can fly!

To see what I’m talking about check out the photos on the following pages: Through the Eyes of the Vikings and Through the Eyes of the Condor.

2. Who is your style icon?

Well, I am somewhat fashion-challenged! Having worked from home for years, I got into just wearing what was comfortable most of the time. My current “fashion house” is Cape Union Mart!

Despite that, I do have some “real” style icons. I’ve always been a fan of the designer Calvin Klein, and his former model Josie Borain has always been one of my favourites.

I also think that the late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy had an easy grace and simple style that looked stunning no matter if she was in jeans, or all dressed up.

Meryl Streep’s safari look in the film “Out of Africa” is also a favourite.

3. What is your favorite quote?

There are a lot of quotes I like, but a couple that immediately come to mind are:

A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes.”  (Indian Proverb)

The number system is like human life. First you have the natural numbers. The ones that are whole and positive. Like the numbers of a small child. But human consciousness expands. The child discovers longing. Do you know the mathematical expression for longing? The negative numbers. The formalization of the feeling that you’re missing something.”  (from Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow by Peter Høeg)

4. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Mmmh, difficult one. A lot of people have said nice things to me. The ones I like to hear the most, are when people tell me I’m a good person or a good friend.

The most recent compliment that I found both flattering (and also less so!) was when I started my blog. My brother (a “language professional”) was my first reader. His first comment was “Wow! Nice kick-off . . .” and some other good things. When I later spoke to him on the phone, he had a more “Who knew you could write?!” tone . . . Come to think of it I surprised a couple of people who know me. Including me!

5. What playlist/cd is in your CD player/iPod right now?

I like a wide variety of music, but don’t seem to often listen to it.  At the moment I’ve got Arno Carstens (from the Springbok Nude Girls), Chris Rea, Coldplay, Counting Crows, Eric Clapton , Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones,  Pink Floyd, Handel, Bach,  Pachelbel and whole lot of Podcasts on my iPod.

6. Are you a night owl or a morning person?

I am not a morning person. I wake up fairly early, but I remain grumpy until about 10 a.m. Mostly because I’ve slept badly the night before (chronic insomnia).

7. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

I have always loved cats of any size or form – big ones, little ones; wild ones, domestic ones.  I liked dogs too, but only really became a huge fan when we got our first Staffie.

8. What is the meaning behind your blog name?

I don’t have a good story here.  The “notes” was because I didn’t want to be committed to writing long, organised, serious posts. The “from Africa” because that’s where some people think I live (I do, but Africa is a big place.) I’m hoping that’s because it sounds romantic in an “Out of Africa” kind of way, and not because they don’t know any better!

And now I am supposed to nominate some other bloggers to take on the task of answering these questions. I don’t know too many other bloggers yet, and those I do know are a very serious bunch (!), so I’m going to approach them privately. If they accept, I’ll ask them to post their links here.

In the meanwhile if anyone who reads this wants to join in, please do. I’d love to know who my readers are, and get to know you.


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I live on the Southern coast of South Africa, and write about the things that interest, amuse or inspire me. You can find me at and (my photoblog)


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4 Comments on “More about me”

  1. October 6, 2010 at 11:43 am #

    Lovely post – it’s so special getting to know you! Gorgeous animals – I’d fall in love with bothhhh of those in a heartbeat! You really love animals and the outdoors and Africa – that’s so evident from your answers. Thank you for writing this wonderful post.
    Sunshine xx

    • October 6, 2010 at 3:47 pm #

      Yes, it’s amazing how a simple set of questions can tell you a lot about a person. At least if they don’t give one word answers!

      Rosie (dog) and Lucy (cat) are absolute sweeties! Being at home a lot I am able to watch their daily antics. My husband keeps asking when I’m going to write something about them!

  2. October 12, 2010 at 4:00 pm #

    Nice blog. I’ll add you to my blogroll if I can remember how to do it. In what country do you live? I lived in Morocco for a few years back in the 70s and I’ve visited Kenya (won a safari!) so I know more that some about Africa, but as you say, it’s a big country.

    • October 12, 2010 at 5:52 pm #

      Hi and thanks for visiting! I live in South Africa on the Southern Cape coast. So Morocco is definitely more exotic, and Kenya is probably more African. A safari – what a nice thing to win!

      Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

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