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Links repaired

Eha kindly pointed out that not all of the links in yesterday’s post (Rosie’s new blog) were working.  So I’ve sorted that out. I have also put a RSS feed to the Life with a Neurotic Cat blog on the right hand side of Notes from Africa, just under the copyright notice (see image below). […]

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Follow me

So I have finally created a Facebook page for Notes from Africa. I’m not really a “Facebook person” in my private life. I am not that interesting that I want to keep posting updates of my daily life. And I’m rather private and reclusive when it comes to sharing information about the “real me” on […]

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How my site works

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will have noticed a recent change in the layout. Being intelligent and blog-savvy people, I’ll not bore you with too many instructions, but here are some tips which you may not know. My new theme allows me to display three “featured posts” in the area […]

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