A reply from Hannah

For those of you not subscribed to the post comments, here is a reply from Hannah (to the last post) which you may want to read:

Oh the responses so far are wonderful! Lisa you have a really great clan of followers – I can’t believe how many people have read the blog already. Yes Dingetjie didn’t quite fit the fruit and nut family by name, but by nature she really was a nutty dog! She was the first addition to the family so we did’nt have a theme at that point. We later got a tiny squirrel we named Currant – so feeding time involved making 36litres for a baby rhino and 2mls for a baby squirrel!!

Anyway thank you again to Lisa for writing this story – you really do make it sound much more romantic than it was ;o) I am just so thrilled you have the time and passion to write these wonderful stories and re-unite missing rhinos to their families.

I look forward to sharing more experiences with you soon.

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