Your Vote Counts!

I know I sound like an election official, but we (me and all the people who took time to think up a caption) do need you to vote.

From the number of hits the Caption This series is getting, I know it’s popular. I just have a little problem – getting people to vote for their favourite caption(s). Compared to the number of people who read the voting post, the percentage who cast their vote is way too small.

It really doesn’t take a lot of time. Just read each caption – and go with your gut. My choices are usually the ones that make me laugh immediately. I suspect that part of the problem, is that people read the post, and then think they will come back later to vote. And then they forget. I think I’d probably do this too if it wasn’t on my blog! 🙂

It’s not a serious competition in that there is no money or prize involved. So make that choice as soon as you’ve read the entries. It’s a completely anonymous vote, so not even I can see who has voted for which caption.

What I am pleased to note though, is that last week’s winner was the one I would have picked had I been the one deciding who should win. And this week, two of my favourites are currently on top as well. Which means, I guess,  that you all have good taste! 😉

So if you haven’t done so, VOTE HERE NOW for Caption This #5!

(PS: I have also put a convenient link to the current week’s competition in the top right-hand widget area, underneath the featured posts if you’re on the home page.)

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